Depression Facts: How to Help Someone Who Is Suffering from Depression

I’ve identified some of the triggers and ways of treating depression effectively over the course of a person’s struggle with it.

Depression is not a result of boredom. It is not a choice. It is not made up. It’s real. It is mostly the effect of a lack of accomplishment, compassion, and support. Some of the many causes which trigger this illness are related to family, friends, lack of love, loneliness, stressful situations, changes in life, financial difficulties, work problems or unemployment, health issues, or any kind of insecurities. Like any other mental illness, it can also have hereditary links. It is not your fault. Most depression factors are external, and the fact is you can’t control them on your own. Do not hesitate to think about what caused your own depression.

Research it. Trying to not think about it will not work. You have to admit you suffer from it. You have to be aware of the causes of your depression and of the ways in which it can be treated.

Pills don’t work. Medicine and supplements don’t cure depression. They can merely help. The only way of killing depression for good is identifying its cause or causes and fixing or removing them. NEVER take medication without a doctor’s prescription. Start by trying out natural treatments. See: Natural Depression Treatments.

As clichÊ as it sounds, talk to people about it. You’ll be surprised by the amount of decent, helpful, or supportive responses you’ll get. Most people will not judge. Nevertheless, this is a result of the fact that they do not really care about your problem, but the mere fact that you are trying to discuss it with someone else is a step toward getting better. Don’t hesitate to use the word depression. You may find someone who can actually help you.

Depression gets worse in time. Time does not cure it. From the early stages during which you don’t even consider having this illness, depression progresses toward affecting your brain’s health. Learn to understand  that you may have to live with for the rest of your life, but don’t let it consume you.

See a doctor if it becomes unbearable. It is preferable that you choose your doctor based on the reviews and ratings of other patients. See more than just one doctor. This is essential because psychiatrists can prescribe different types of medication, and you have to find out what actually works for you IF medication can aid you. If you’re in an advanced stage, you should see other types of doctors as well to check on your general health as depression’s effects can progress from your brain to other parts of your body. By doing this you can also make sure that what you suffer from is depression and not another type of illness. If going to the doctor’s office seems extreme to you, seek a psychologist’s counselling.

Use modern technology. These days there are many apps for e-therapy that can help you. See: The Best Depression Apps or Apps To Fight Depression. Also, look for your country’s depression help lines, or for websites, forums, Facebook groups, and chats rooms. You can always stick to the traditional self-help books or therapy and meditation sessions.

Make depression productive. Occupy your time with something else and new. NEVER stop doing what you loved to do before. Even if you don’t feel like doing that, try it. Encourage those who suffer to do not only what they did in the past, but also to experience new things. Use it to find a new hobby or to make new friends. Stop doing nothing and get out of your bed! Go out of your way once in a while. Be daring! Do things alone if you have to. Don’t be afraid to go out, but be aware of your surroundings. Many of those who go through depression start acting carelessly and stop caring about the safety of their own self. Exercising and sports activities are said to be some of the most effective ways of spending your time, but I also recommend the following: walking in nature, travelling, socialising, reading, dancing, singing, writing, painting, gardening, fishing, and so on. The idea is to change the surroundings where your depression first occurred with different ones.

Never consider yourself to be different. Never compare yourself to the others. What we see from the outside is not what someone else’s life is like in reality. Everyone has his/her struggles, but most people avoid revealing them in public. You can lead a normal eventful life even if you do suffer from depression. Don’t let others discourage or insult you. Stop paying attention to what the others say.

You are not alone. This is a common illness, but most people don’t talk about it so you are not aware of its commonness. It can affect anyone: men or women, the poor or the rich, the young or the elderly, etc. We are all humans, and depression can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Your family should be supportive, or else you’re on your own. Usually, the reality is that you can’t solve this problem on your own. It is desirable that you surround yourself only with those people who can help you during this journey. However, you will most likely not be able to distance yourself from all of the negative external factors as we can’t live outside of the society in which we have to interact in order to survive. Humans are made to be sociable. Open your eyes to look for the right people and never refuse anyone’s help. Someone else’s support, encouragement, assistance, and tolerance is sometimes all you need through your battle. Stay away from anyone who can’t help you.

Your experience with depression is not the same as someone else’s. Telling someone that you’ve experienced the same thing, or worse, that you are now cured, does not help at all as no one can share the exact same experience as you. There are many different types of depression. See: Types of Depression. People who have suffered from this mental illness in the past shouldn’t try to become therapists, but rather supporters.

You are stronger for having lived with depression so far. You are not weaker but it’s okay to feel like that. Never stop being strong and fighting for your recovery. Be brave!

Do all of the above! It is necessary that you try all methods. Know that everyone’s depression is cured in a different way. There is no universal recipe for this. Remember that you cannot be cured overnight. Recovery takes time. NEVER give up!

Lastly, stay positive! Depression is curable. It is only a period of your life, and it does not define who you will be from now on. Look at it as a way of experiencing new sides of life. Stay away from the negative thoughts. The key to surviving through depression is setting a positive goal for the future. In this way, you eagerly prepare yourself for your desired life. Appreciate the present! Stop thinking about the past! Be happy! Smile! Eat well! Stay hydrated! Enjoy life! Love and laugh all the time! If you’ve made it this far, you can make it forever! Congratulate yourself!

Note: These are my own personal opinions and suggestions. Always see a specialist before making any decision.

Feel free to share your own experience. Send this article to someone you can help!


Published by Alexandra Cote

Alexandra Cote is a SaaS content writer and strategist with a passion for workplace productivity, social media marketing wonders, conversion rate optimization, artificial intelligence, and keyword research (Hooray for SEO!). Reach out to her via LinkedIn or her blog.

9 thoughts on “Depression Facts: How to Help Someone Who Is Suffering from Depression

      1. Thank you so much Alexandra, I am sending this to myself, my son, my ex, my mom and posting this on my facebook page! I believe this will help everyone and anyone suffering from Depression.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Well-done. I’d add some things, like ‘be kind to yourself’, but admittedly that’s easier to say to a depressed person than it is to do when you are depressed. Also “it’s not your fault”. Depression can be a rational way to handle the situation you’re in. In my case, it took addressing the base cause of my depression (my inability to make myself feel happiness) before I was able to escape. Blaming myself for feeling that way only made things worse.

    I hope you have found or are in the process of finding a way out for yourself. I hope all the prisoners can go free.


  2. You sound like you have first hand experience. I like every one of your ideas and I totally agree with you.
    My favorite point was this one:”You are stronger for having lived with depression so far.” I know that is true but really needed to hear that today. With an illness that makes us (me) feel weak and helpless, this comment makes me feel less hopeless.
    Thanks for the encouragement.


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