5 Useful Tips to Kill Depression Now

We live in a society in which our problems are most commonly triggered by the people we surround ourselves with. As we cannot control the way in which those around us act or talk to us, it is your own duty to handle depression quickly and efficiently. The importance of knowing how to deal with depression by yourself is greater than you would imagine. This is because although depression often has external causes, getting rid of it depends on your own decisions, actions, and thoughts. Here are some useful tips that will make you forget about your depression in just a few hours:

1. Start doing something new and exciting. Do you find yourself doing nothing all day? If yes, it is because of this reason that your mood won’t change, and thus you won’t be able to place yourself on your way to recovery anytime soon. Write down your daily tasks and goals, and do your best to accomplish them. Only thinking about what you would like to do with your day is not enough. You need to take action and to prioritize your daily activities and duties in such a way that all of them will be enjoyable. Stay present in the moment, and use your actions and interactions to benefit your own present and future development.

2. Help someone! Believe it or not, giving a helping hand can also assist you with your overall mental and emotional health. It is that good deed you did one morning and that grateful thank you someone gave you that will keep you smiling all day and forever. Start by helping a friend or your community, but aim for bigger causes on a worldwide level. You’ll find that the people whom you had helped in the past will come to your help in the future. Through volunteering, you could even find your true purpose in life as you get to experience new situations, to meet new people, and to find out what you love to do. As a result, a humanitarian aid proves to be more efficient than any other costly depression treatment.

3. Go for a walk. Don’t lock yourself in a dark room, isolated from the rest of the world, and with nothing worthwhile to do. Enjoy the nature that’s closest to you, go on a trip, climb a mountain, explore a forest, go for a swim in a lake, dip into the nearest sea, or just visit the countryside. Let go of worry, stress, regret, trauma, suffering, hatred, terror, sadness, fear, or anxiety, and start living the joyful life once again. Find your inner peace in nature, ride a bike with a friend, or walk the busy streets of your city in search of urban adventures and fun activities.

4. Believe there is nothing that can stand in your way toward happiness. Identify the causes of your depression, accept them, or even talk to someone about them. Telling people about your mental illness is the first small step toward your healing, and addressing this issue in public is shown to bring you more results than merely keeping it to yourself, or trying to fight it on your own. Don’t hide your depression. Seek help at all times from wherever you can get it. By far the most important thing that you can do to become your happy past self again is to trust that you will be able to get back your perfect flawless life. Make use of all resources be they people, books, tools, or anything you can think of as a potential depression-aid treatment without having to resort to medicine. After all, curing yourself is all about being mentally intelligent and knowing how to quickly deal with what life throws at you.

5. Smile! The easiest thing you can do is put a large smile on your face. Make sure that you are trying to improve your mood, and not just faking a smile. In fact, it is not just facial expressions that help us change our mood. Changing your body’s position and standing up straight has been proved to help you stop crying and feeling down, in addition to improving your posture. Depression is not overwhelming as long as you can still do something about it, and you can do so by getting up and moving around, dancing like nobody’s watching, running a marathon for a good cause, and feeding your soul with the energy it needs to survive.

Don’t feel hopeless! Whatever you may do, allow yourself to be happy again. Remember that it is your mental health that matters more than you would ever think, and it is your job to get yourself back on the right path in life. Know that you only have bad days, and not a bad life. If today seems like an awful experience, tomorrow will certainly be a moment for you to want to re-live and cherish forever. Give yourself a chance to live. Start life anew! Definitely, a new life is possible.

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(originally posted on the Huffington Post Blog)


Published by Alexandra Cote

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