What Makes Company Blogs Great [100+ Business Blog Homepages Analyzed]

What Makes the Best Company Blogs Great [100+ Business Blog Homepage Designs Analyzed]

A company’s blog is often among the top 5 viewed pages of their website. A quick look through your Google Analytics account (Behavior Flow to be exact) and you’ll see just how many people check your blog’s homepage after having come across one of your blog posts via an external link or just through the Google search results.

Not all blogs are created equal though. Although they can be. To see exactly what the similarities and differences between business blog homepages are, I put together this visual outlook of the blog homepages of 100+ randomly chosen companies:

Note: I had a look in particular at content organization, design, CTAs, and types of content.

1. Adidas – GamePlan A

adidas blog page

What’s good: clean, modern design, easy to start exploring content for new visitors

2. Adobe Spark

adobe spark company blog

What’s good: focus on trending topics

3. Affinity Spotlight

Affinity brand blog

What’s good: Staff Picks to help readers choose the best content, learning materials you can easily pair up with the product they sell, clean design

4. Airbnb

Airbnb stories

What’s good: clean design, focus on the users and what they sell

5. Animalz

Animalz agency blog

What’s good: category distribution, easily distinguishable content (see podcasts)

6. Backlinko


What’s good: email sign-up form (main CTA) twice, testimonial, Essential Resources section

7. BambooHR


What’s good: category distribution, subscription button, fun/colorful images, featured content, reading time for every article

8. Baremetrics

best company blog

What’s good: central subscription form, featured content

9. Ben & Jerry’s

ben jerrys.png

What’s good: categories, popular content list, easy to share

10. Bespoke Cycling


What’s good: focus on the product, categories

11. Box

box strong highlight

What’s good: categories, CTA to what they sell, strong highlights on the content they want to grow through the blog’s homepage

12. Buffer


What’s good: top podcast mention, featured content

13. Bullhorn


What’s good: featured content, blog search, categories, blog subscription CTA, webinar ad

14. BuzzSumo

blog for brands

What’s good: Highlights section to shift readers’ focus on their top content, brand-centric imagery

15. Canva

Canva website blog

What’s good: educational content that references their product, featured article on top of the homepage

16. Chanty

company blog design

What’s good: great featured images, top CTA for blog subscription, tags on blog posts, categories

17. Crunchbase

website blog analysis

What’s good: featured content, engaging cover images, easily-accessible categories

18. Clearbit

blog organization

What’s good: top CTA for blog subscription with proof of their current database

19. ClearVoice

ClearVoice blog homepage

What’s good: great featured images, top CTA, tags on blog posts, categories, search option

20. Clif Bars

trending blog

What’s good: article categories, user stories

21. Constant Contact


What’s good: search bar, CTA for blog subscription, tags on blog posts, highlights for other resources (webinars and downloadable guides)

22. TRADECRAFT by ConvertKit


What’s good: engaging featured images, blog search bar, CTA for blog subscription, diverse content, blog categories

23. Copyhackers


What’s good: reading time, categories, featured article, educational content separated into a section for tutorials (perfect for copywriting beginners), search bar for easy access, ad for their services

24.  CoSchedule


What’s good: simple featured images, CTA for blog subscription with proof of their audience, featured content, top right-hand corner dedicated to showcasing their product

25. The Daily Egg by Crazy Egg


What’s good: characteristic featured images, multiple CTAs for blog subscription, featured and popular content, top right-hand corner dedicated to showcasing their product, search bar, blog categories

26. Deliverect

best homepage

What’s good: featured and popular articles, reading time

27. OH MY DISNEY by Disney


What’s good: colorful theme to match their brand, categories, easy to share, featured and popular posts, highlighted blog content subscription CTA, search bar

28. Drift

company business blog

What’s good: top CTA for blog subscription with a statement of what you’re getting in return

29. Work In Progress by Dropbox

business blog design

What’s good: various categories, featured content, nice imagery with a simple design

30. Duct Tape Marketing

company blog analyzed

What’s good: featured content, search bar, a separate section for popular articles, blog categories

31. Etsy


What’s good: central search bar for the blog, blog categories, featured content, simple top link to the main website, characteristic images, focus on what their users are selling

32. Evernoteevernote

What’s good: article categories, search bar, fun featured images, highlight on their top content, easy to share

33. Figma


What’s good: CTA to their main goal (Figma subscription), great cover images, featured content, blog categories, search bar

34. Fleep


What’s good: featured article, blog categories

35. Fundera

fundera blog homepage

What’s good: blog categories, featured articles, CTA to their service, bonus points for making great content out of a not-so-fun topic

36. GetResponse

blog home

What’s good: featured content, a section for highlighting their best articles, search bar

37. Into The Gloss by Glossier

makeup blog

What’s good: blog categories, top CTA to their products, easy to share, characteristic images, featured and popular content sections, search bar

38. GoPro

homepage web

What’s good: great article category distribution, engaging and characteristic featured images, featured article, strong focus on their buyers

39. Gusto


What’s good: characteristic images, search bar, blog categories, featured article, trending topics, nice mix of imagery and their special Q&A section, top CTA that leads towards their brand

40. Hatchbuckhatchbuck

What’s good: search bar, strong highlight on the content they want to promote, blog categories

41. HelloFresh


What’s good: different CTA for subscribing to the blog, blog categories, characteristic images that match their product, highlighted content, CTA to download their app, easy to share

42. HelpCrunch

company brand fun

What’s good: best cover images I’ve seen so far, blog categories, reading time, top posts, search bar, article categories

43. HelpScout

analyzing brands

What’s good: perfect cover images, search bar, webinar CTA naturally placed among the other articles, blog categories, featured content

44. Highfive


What’s good: central CTA for blog subscription, blog categories, some good featured images

45. Hootsuite

great blogs

What’s good: great featured images, lots of categories for their resources, trending posts, search bar, featured content

46. HR Cloud

successful blog

What’s good: good characteristic images, blog categories, easy to share

47. Ahrefs


What’s good: great blog category organization, strong focus on their product, nice mention of their product at the top, featured articles

48. HubSpot


What’s good: strong main blog categories, bold blog subscription CTA (made extra easy since you can also join the list via Slack), featured and popular content, reading time

49. Ikea


What’s good: focus on their products and making it easier for buyers to use them, characteristic images, blog categories, search bar, filters, simple design

50. Intercom


What’s good: featured content, sign-up form for the newsletter, easy to share, great cover images, reading time, a variety of content (see podcasts), Explore More section to naturally lead you to their service, search bar

51. Inside Design by InVision


What’s good: strong blog organization with lots of different types of content, featured article, blog search, top CTA to their product, clean design, great images, top blog subscription call-to-action

52. The Warm Up by ClassPass


What’s good: natural images, easy to share, subscription CTA for the latest updates, featured article, blog categories, search bar, decent blog name

53. Leadpages


What’s good: featured content, popular posts, natural images, blog categories, search bar

54. Loomloom.png

What’s good: featured content, search bar, blog categories

55. Lyftlyft

What’s good: featured content for the latest news, characteristic images, top CTA to their service

56. Mailchimp

unique blog

What’s good: unique blog design and images, focus on the resources that matter the most for them, plenty of varied resource categories, focus on their clients’ success stories

57. MailerLite


What’s good: featured content, read time, blog categories, top CTA to join newsletter

58. Moosend

email blog

What’s good: resource categories, engaging cover images, a separate section for tutorials and the possibility for readers to choose their level when it comes to email marketing and landing page creation/optimization, easy to share

59. MeetEdgar


What’s good: featured content, top subscription box, filter option for topics in addition to a search bar, bottom right-hand corner free course gift

60. The Thread by NordstromnORDSTORM

What’s good: clean design, separate section for popular stories, featured article, easy to share, blog categories

61. Moz


What’s good: blog categories, easy to share, good cover images, subscription box/CTA (although placed below the fold)

62. Envato Tuts+

nvato tuts.png

What’s good: lots of categories and resource types to choose from (that’s their specialty), clean design, highlighted featured and popular resources, educational content put forward, search bar, top CTA to their main business goal (more subscriptions to their service), read time

63. Octaneblogging

What’s good: content categories and tags, highlight for their YouTube channel, [minus points for the stock images]

64. Omnisend

article writing

What’s good: featured content, easy to share, content categories, separate highlights for other resources they offer besides articles (see ebooks), central CTA to their product’s demo, content that’s focused on their product

65. OptinMonster


What’s good: central topic for the entire blog (see conversion rate optimization), side CTAs to their tool and newsletter, easy to share, blog topics, characteristic images

66. Orbit Media Studios

blog post

What’s good: featured content, central focus on the sign-up form, blog categories, search bar, you’re also first guided to an outline of their top blog posts so beginners in their field can easily know where to start, [not a big fan of their cover images though]

67. The Output by Pelotonwhat does a good blog post look like

What’s good: blog categories, focus on their community, search bar, featured content

68. Photolemur


What’s good: side and top CTA to their product, easy to share, read time, blog categories

69. PicMonkey


What’s good: representative images, blog categories, educational content, top CTA to the product, featured article

70. PlanablePlanable

What’s good: highlight on top content

71. PlayStation

PlayStation blog

What’s good: engaging images, content categories ordered according to specific device, spotlights and trending posts, search bar

72. Pluralsight


What’s good: top CTA to their product, diverse content types, simple images, featured content and events, [the background color though makes it difficult to read]

73. Post PlannerPost planner

What’s good: simply adorable images, blog categories, search bar, the possibility to sort articles according to the most popular ones, for readers who are looking for your top content, top subscription CTA

74. Salesforce


What’s good: top CTA to their product, central newsletter subscription call-to-action that includes what you’re going to get, categories ordered by industry, easy to share, popular article highlights, side CTA to buy one of their books so you can take your reading outside of the Internet, characteristic images, straightforward way of featuring a key article on top

75. SEMrush


What’s good: unique Wow-Score on articles, clean design with bold images, various blog post categories and tags, highlight section for the best weekly comment in an attempt to engage readers in addition to a ranking for commenters, search bar, button to send feedback and blog suggestions, educational content, strong accent on guest posting with a bright CTA, page for columnists, and top author ranking

76. Sendible


What’s good: clean design, blog categories, search bar, easy to share, side subscription box, free resource, and product demo CTA

77. Shopify


What’s good: characteristic images, central subscription CTA, featured stories of real people, resources section, various content types, search bar, side ad for their webinar series

78. Skype


What’s good: various blog categories, top CTA to download Skype (and some other products from Microsoft), search bar, featured content

79. Skillshare


What’s good: engaging images, central content feature, top CTA to try their service, blog categories, educational content

80. Slack (btw, they also feature some of their articles on their main homepage)


What’s good: characteristic images, blog categories, search bar, featured article, content that’s focused on their product

81. SnackNationsnacknation

What’s good: top and side subscription CTA, side description of their service followed by a CTA to get your first free snacks (I mean who doesn’t want that?), popular posts highlight

82. Sony


What’s good: featured articles, separate section for press releases, reading time, easy to share, blog and news categories, hot topics section, search bar

83. SpigitSpigit

What’s good: blog article categories, easy to share, featured and recommended articles, central subscription box for the blog

84. Curiosity at Work by SurveyMonkey

survey monkey best

What’s good: blog categories, top reference to their product followed by a CTA among the other articles, featured article, reading time, [a big minus for the stock photos]

85. SurveySparrow


What’s good: featured content, blog categories, unique way of displaying articles on a timeline

86. AWeber


What’s good: top mention of their product, educational content, search bar, blog categories, central CTA to a free resource

87. The Dog Bakery (or your typical small business blog)bloger

What’s good: easy to share, characteristic images, blog categories

88. The Organic Center

ngo blog

What’s good: side feature of their cause ad some of their videos, easy to share, subscription CTA, side fun fact, props for the cause

89. TravelPerk

blogging secrets

What’s good: blog categories, blog subscription CTA that mentions what you’re getting, bold testimonial from client to send readers to their service, featured content, [minus for the stock photos]

90. TunnelBear

how to blog and write articles

What’s good: fun images, blog categories, featured article and recommended resources, side CTA to their service, [the bear is also an author]

91. Twittertwitter.png

What’s good: filter option on blog categories, search bar, featured and hot articles, [the stock photos though]

92. Unbounceunbounce

What’s good: characteristic images, blog categories, featured content, easy to share, educational content, side subscription CTA and ad for their product

93. Venngage


What’s good: characteristic images, blog categories, featured content, search bar, side CTA for a free training opportunity

94. Ruby by Virgin Atlantic

virgin atlantic

What’s good: characteristic images, blog categories, search bar, modern design, featured image

95. Volusion


What’s good: featured content, various content types (see webinars)

96. Walmart (or your usual corporate blog)


What’s good: characteristic images that showcase their brand, multiple blog categories, featured news, search bar, top link to shop on their website, section with all the details you need to contact their media relations team

97. Wistia


What’s good: characteristic images, featured stories, search bar, various categories, top call-to-action to their product, various CTAs to their original series and other resources, clean design

98. WooCommerce


What’s good: educational content, top CTA to their product, [their design really needs an update]

99. YesStyle


What’s good: characteristic images, search bar, blog categories and archive, popular posts section

100. Beyond the Box by Zappos


What’s good: characteristic images, friendly newsletter subscription CTA, featured and popular articles, blog categories, search bar

101. Zendesk


What’s good: featured and popular articles, engaging and unique images, subscription box for the newsletter (with a promise that they’re fun), clean design

Summary of the key elements all great blogs have in common

  • clean design
  • featured or popular blog highlights
  • customized article thumbnail images
  • CTAs to their product or service
  • educational content
  • various types of content including articles, guides, podcasts, webinars, ebooks, etc.
  • newsletter subscription box
  • blog categories
  • search bar

Let me know if you have other blogs you think I missed but nail their blog homepage when it comes to its design and organization. Stay sharp! 😉

Published by Alexandra Cote

Alexandra Cote is a SaaS content writer and strategist with a passion for workplace productivity, social media marketing wonders, conversion rate optimization, artificial intelligence, and keyword research (Hooray for SEO!). Reach out to her via LinkedIn or her blog.

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