Small Reasons Why Recruiters Fail to Recruit

Often recruiters tend to fail in their attempt of convincing a possible future employee to join the company he/she represents. Although the main reasons for this are well-known, here are some of the little things most of them overlook:

They talk too much about their company and thus they omit to ask questions about the candidate. Many recruiters tend to give too many details regarding their company instead of focusing on the way in which the new employee will be able to fit in, or on inquiring about what he/she has to offer…

Depression Facts: Do You Really Need Someone Else to Make You Happy?

It all starts with yourself. It is a common misconception to believe that your success both personally and professionally depends on another person. In reality, you are the only one who can control your destiny. It is all about your actions, and it’s your positive mentality that can help you gain what you had always eagerly longed for.

10 greşeli în limba română pe care nu le observăm

În lipsa unei instruiri gramaticale adecvate, se fac adesea greşeli ce trec neobservate de către majoritatea populaţiei. Pe lângă noţiunile gramaticale de bază, există o serie de erori scrise sau vorbite deranjante pe care utilizatorii limbii române nu le corectează în timp, considerând că mesajul poate fi transmis şi înţeles, chiar dacă nu respectă normele gramaticale în vigoare.