Increase Brand Loyalty and Grow Your Email List Organically


Confidently rely on your email marketing for lead nurturing and upselling

After 5+ years in marketing, I realized most brands we’re ignoring email. That is until the boom of the creator economy when independent newsletters started raking in millions of subscribers. I’ll help you start your email marketing strategy from scratch or launch that newsletter you’ve never had time for.


What I can do to fix your email campaigns

email marketing consultant

Newsletter consultation and management

I’ve worked with several brands on launching newsletters and email campaigns from the ground up. We can collaborate on launching an industry newsletter or I can help you write and run your current email marketing plan.

drip campaigns and sales email marketing

Drip and promotional campaigns delivery

You’ll rarely have time to focus on building drip email campaigns and making them stand out. I’ll help you research what your competitors are doing and craft compelling emails your subscribers will read. Drip, Mailchimp, Intercom, or your favorite tool.

email list building strategy

Email list management and growth

Besides engaging email copy, I can help you grow your email list through tried-and-tested conversion rate optimization tips. We’ll keep an eye on the performance of your email list growth strategy to constantly tweak it and bring more exposure to your newsletter and community.

Want to start your own successful newsletter or email campaign?

email marketing services for B2B brands

I run my own content newsletter and help SaaS brands with their own email marketing efforts. I can help you craft personalized email messaging and send just the right amount of emails to hit your KPIs.