AI in Digital Marketing? It’s Already Well Beyond Reality

Artificial intelligence will inevitably be all around us one day. At work, at home, on the street, maybe even in our dreams.

Heck, it’s already everywhere.

AI in digital marketing

So should marketers be preoccupied with learning all about it?

To a certain extent, definitely!

“But AI is so, you know, for techies.”

πŸ™„ No. You’re already using it actively to begin with. So I’m sure you have some kind of understanding of how it works. You just don’t know it yet.

Fancy buzzword or not, it’s definitely not something that should intimidate you.

I don’t even need to list a bunch of benefits. Just keep this in mind: Google’s algorithm is AI itself.

Making recommendations – Nearest neighbor classifier

One central use of AI ( data mining and machine learning in this case) is for creating predictions and recommendations for your clients (done using the nearest neighbor classifier if you want a fancier term).

This type of system is commonly used to select songs, videos, movies, items, or other types of content that’s already similar to what one user is commonly searching for. The principle behind this system is that a user is more likely to click on items that are similar to previous searches, thus matching his/her interests.

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Remote Work Is Not Just a Benefit. It’s a Way of Life.

Remote work is constantly advertised in job ads as a top benefit you get from your next employer.

It’s more than just a simple benefit along many others though.

It’s a way of life after all.

What does remote work really mean?

Remote work is, first and foremost, a way of work and also a way of life we willingly opt for. It refers to the ability of a person to work from a different location or timezone than that of the other team members. At all times. Not just a couple of days/week. It’s by no means just one benefit, but rather a series of advantages (of course, along with its downsides) you get to bring into your life by going for this kind of work method.

If you’re looking for real remote work benefits that result from this choice, here’s a Twitter post that details the perks of working remotely in their truest sense:

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How to Start an Article – 100+ Examples of Article Introductions

While I love writing articles, I just dread putting together the perfect introduction. I don’t believe in a universal formula that you can apply to make it easier for you to write an effective blog post introduction. However, I assume there are certain things good introductions have in common.

So I’m having a closer look at 100+ article introductions to see if there are any similarities we can learn from:

Here’s a video version of the article:

Getting people to imagine

Oh, the power of imagination. Works like a charm every time for article introductions.

article introduction
power of an introduction
great article
creative article
blog article
successful article
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I Checked My Old Articles with a Headline Analyzer. And the Results Were Awful.

Or were they?

When you choose the title of your next article you’re faced with 3 choices:

  1. Optimize it for search engines, or should I say “robots” πŸ€–
  2. Write a human-friendly headline that will make people eager to click on your article from the millions of blog posts posted each day
  3. Rack your brains to please both humans and robots βš–οΈ

Years ago, I didn’t pay much attention to the headings of my own blog posts. Mainly, because I focus too much on the content. But not thinking about writing an engaging headline was a big mistake.

So I took my previous headlines and ran a few searches to test them. And let me tell you, they needed a lot of improvement which is why I’ve changed them since then (of course, I made my choice I went with option number 1 mentioned above πŸ˜‡).

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer is a tool that should help you write more attractive and convincing headlines and get more readers.

Let’s start with my best results from the headline analysis process:

How To Hire A Strong Ruby On Rails Developer


Simple and straightforward. Although not a very special headline, it appeals to the reader’s intent by offering a concrete promise from the very title of the article.

article headline length

Great length. And a positive sentiment which is what I had aimed for:

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What Makes Company Blogs Great [100+ Business Blog Homepages Analyzed]

A company’s blog is often among the top 5 viewed pages of their website. A quick look through your Google Analytics account (Behavior Flow to be exact) and you’ll see just how many people check your blog’s homepage after having come across one of your blog posts via an external link or just through the Google search results.

Not all blogs are created equal though. Although they can be. To see exactly what the similarities and differences between business blog homepages are, I put together this visual outlook of the blog homepages of 100+ randomly chosen companies:

Note: I had a look in particular at content organization, design, CTAs, and types of content.

1. Adidas – GamePlan A

adidas blog page

What’s good: clean, modern design, easy to start exploring content for new visitors

2. Adobe Spark

adobe spark company blog

What’s good: focus on trending topics

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