8 Killer Copywriting Secrets You Haven’t Thought About

There are already a lot of copywriting secrets that were revealed by experts, but there are times when these secrets just won’t work for you. If you are one of those people who are always trying to improve their copywriting skills, and you don’t want to settle for the so-called secrets that don’t really work in the case of your prospects, then it is about time that you learned some copywriting secrets you may have never thought about before. There are a few secrets that you can start using to get more leads and eventually convert these leads into sales in the near future.

So, what are these copywriting tips? Well, take a look at the following ingenious content writing tricks:

1. Never lie to your prospects

In other words, always tell the truth and never forget to support your claims with real proof. Advertising must always focus on the truth being told. Always back your claims with testimonials, statistics, surveys, success stories, results, or case studies to make your ads credible. Avoid unnecessary or exaggerated claims and superlative adjectives. Copy that comes without a verifiable background is never good copy. Authority is what people will always look for. Real and backed up content generates credibility. And it’s not just people. Google also loves authority. This means that high-quality content will always rank higher in search engine results than any other content with no solid background. A copywriter’s success story begins with the truth.

2. Fix the broken links on your website/blog

Broken links should be fixed as soon as they are found as they do more damage than good when it comes to SEO. You can use certain SEO tools to fix broken links (5 Tools To Check For Broken Links On Your WordPress Site). Remove or replace those links to keep your position in search engines. Don’t forget to check your oldest posts as well. Although this can be time-consuming, bear in mind that outbound links help Google crawlers identify what your post is about, and thus rank your site according to the right keywords. Related to this, there is also a great tip for getting in touch with influencers in your niche. You can either attempt to contact influencers through email by helping them fix their broken links, or you can help other writers who have previously linked to one of your own posts or websites that are not available anymore, leaving them with a broken link. Suggest replacing those links with similar ones on the same topic from your own posts. This is a win-win situation as you get a link, and they improve their site’s SEO.

3. Leverage the number of influencers within your chosen niche

Take time to fill your copy (without spamming) with references to quotes or posts made by influential people of the niche you’re interested in. Letting influencers know that you mentioned them and providing quality content regarding their products or services will encourage them to share your content. For more results, use best practices, such as being a loyal reader and follower of their blog, helping them with their own posts, or sharing their content with your own audience. If all else fails, you always have the option to contact one of the copywriting gurus for further instruction and aid in your career, or you can use their own experience in copywriting as guidance.

4. Improve the loading speed of your page

Your content is useless if no one takes the time to read it. People today want the posts they are looking for to load instantly. A slow loading page will only keep prospects away from your website’s content. Look for online tips on improving your website’s speed or refer to your company’s webmaster or SEO expert for further improvement. Meanwhile, you should also focus on keeping your content concise, with smaller images and less irrelevant videos, and removing plugins that can’t be used. This can easily help improve the loading speed of your page and let visitors view your content at once without waiting at all.

5. Use other media

Written content is often boring. Posts without images or videos work only if people are looking for educational or instructional content. On the other hand, viral and fun content is almost always accompanied by photos and videos. As much as possible, make use of other media in your content, but keep only what is necessary (for SEO reasons mentioned above). Use other useful media like infographics, e-books, PDF documents, SlideShare presentations, or Adobe Spark pages to attract and retain readers.

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10 Free Canva Design Features You May Not Be Using Yet

Here are some Canva useful creative design tips and tricks to get your visual content from #nay to #wow.

Here’s the video version of this article:

1. Use free photos.

Type “free” in the search bar and get a list of free to use photos.


2. Texturize/Transparency.

After step 1, choose a photo, add to post, and select Arrange. Click on Back as many times as needed to get the desired result.


Click on Transparency and adjust the transparency level.


You can also apply transparency to text by selecting the text, clicking on More and then on Transparency.


3. Edit photos inside Canva.

Select photo and click on Filter.


Choose from the given filters or adjust the image’s appearance using the Advanced Options.


Tip: You can also upload your own images for free.

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5 Useful Tips to Kill Depression Now

We live in a society in which our problems are most commonly triggered by the people we surround ourselves with. As we cannot control the way in which those around us act or talk to us, it is your own duty to handle depression quickly and efficiently. The importance of knowing how to deal with depression by yourself is greater than you would imagine. This is because although depression often has external causes, getting rid of it depends on your own decisions, actions, and thoughts. Here are some useful tips that will make you forget about your depression in just a few hours:

1. Start doing something new and exciting. Do you find yourself doing nothing all day? If yes, it is because of this reason that your mood won’t change, and thus you won’t be able to place yourself on your way to recovery anytime soon. Write down your daily tasks and goals, and do your best to accomplish them. Only thinking about what you would like to do with your day is not enough. You need to take action and to prioritize your daily activities and duties in such a way that all of them will be enjoyable. Stay present in the moment, and use your actions and interactions to benefit your own present and future development.

2. Help someone! Believe it or not, giving a helping hand can also assist you with your overall mental and emotional health. It is that good deed you did one morning and that grateful thank you someone gave you that will keep you smiling all day and forever. Start by helping a friend or your community, but aim for bigger causes on a worldwide level. You’ll find that the people whom you had helped in the past will come to your help in the future. Through volunteering, you could even find your true purpose in life as you get to experience new situations, to meet new people, and to find out what you love to do. As a result, a humanitarian aid proves to be more efficient than any other costly depression treatment.

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12 Things I Learnt During My 5-Year Experience On DeviantArt

I don’t really remember when I discovered DeviantArt, but it was surely back when people used it for playing games since there was nothing better around. It was not love at first sight, and I only made an account in May 2011. No idea why, but I suddenly started a 100-poems challenge that was supposed to take me one year, but instead ended up as a five-year project. I am now at the end of my five-year poetry journey, but I do not want to leave this welcoming art community. I currently have 113 deviations that I am more than proud of. The website certainly looks pretty much the same as it did 10 years ago, but it has more submissions you have to look through in order to find the best ones. Whether you are a DA beginner or just someone looking to learn more about this online gallery, I’m sure that you can learn from my experience:

  1. You will grow. Your work will get better, professional, and much more appreciated. You will learn new skills whether you want it or not. In my case, I learned how to write haikus and how to make stamps, such as this one.
  2. You need great content. More than anything, interesting, relevant, and viral content is essential. The most famous DA artists are all experts at their craft, and they make sure they offer only their best to watchers. If you are seriously thinking of becoming famous on DA, go for what everyone wants to see, and do it right. You don’t have to be a perfect artist to get recognition, but you do need to offer consistent works, to create your network of supporters, and to promote your work wherever you can, without spamming.
  3. You will never have enough time. Don’t expect to be able to work on everything you would want to create. You won’t even get the chance to check out all artists. Most importantly, be aware that you will lose your ideas. This is particularly valid for writers. Unless you put down your ideas as soon as you have them, you might end up losing entire pieces of literature. In addition, I would not recommend deleting any of your art. Leave whatever you wrote as it is and work with what you have.
  4. People do care about your work. You may not get thousands of fans, get hired, or make money out of your art, but you will definitely get to the heart of some DeviantArt users. People will comment, add your art to their favorites, and write personal notes to you, but you may lose those fans once they leave the website. Make sure you thank every single one of them for their interest while you still can.
  5. No matter what your passion is, you will find your place in DeviantArt’s community. It doesn’t matter whether you are into painting, photography, web design, sculpture, literature, graphic design, fashion design, or if you are just an avid art fan. You will surely find something to do on DA’s website. However, bear in mind that arts such as painting, photography, or graphic design do get more exposure and receive more interest than literature, for example. You will get to experiment with other types of art, and sooner or later you will find your true passion and talent. DA’s users are usually very encouraging of whatever your endeavor is. You’ll also develop new interests. In my case, I became obsessed with Pixel Art.
  6. You will obsessively submit your work to related groups. Don’t worry if you’ll find yourself spending evenings trying to get your deviations into various DA groups. This is a normal and actually required part of getting more exposure.
  7. Your work will change in time. This is, in fact, recommendable. You’ll go from noob to pro in a few years ( if not months), and you will be proudly displaying your past and present work in the same place.
  8. You’ll draw the same thing twice, write the same poem twice, and take the same photo twice. This is fine. Looking back at my poetry, I found out I had written two poems with the same title. Shockingly, they were very different in both structure and theme. You learn a lot about your work’s evolution from such coincidences.
  9. You will receive positive feedback, as well as constructive criticism. This is perhaps the best way for you to learn more about your field of interest and about DeviantArt as a community. Accept and take into consideration whatever people write to you. DA is friendlier and more welcoming than most other online communities. Personally, I haven’t yet encountered any cases of hate or defamation.
  10. You will collect llamas. ^_^ Yep! Giving and receiving llama badges is a part of DA’s fun features. There are even groups for llama badge exchange.
  11. Your profile will go from personal to public. You may start your DA journey as a shy beginner, but you might just as well end up as of one of the most appreciated artists around. Don’t expect too much, however.
  12. You will always return to your first passions. DeviantArt is one of the few things you will never truly get over. Boredom is not part of this community. You’ll use DA’s art as your therapy, and you will always come back to your DA profile in the same way you would return home after a long journey.

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