Understand Your Target Market and Stand Out Through Messaging


Find the positioning that resonates with your target market

As a marketer, I trust what my customers and target customers want more than anything. So one of the steps I always prioritize is getting to understand them. Whether it’s a survey, five-second test, customer voice analysis, or interviews, I’ll help you run all of these to finally know who you’re speaking to and what they want.


How I can help you speak to your target customers

complete SEO audit for your website

Understanding your market

Before you do anything, you should know who your main buyer personas are, if you need to prioritize any of them, and how you define them. I’ll help you understand their needs, pains, and jobs to be done so you’ll know what marketing/sales efforts to focus on next,

on-page search engine optimization

Voice of customer analysis

Whether it’s surveys, reviews, support tickets, calls, emails, or other client communication channels, all of these sources can be used to get an idea of HOW your customers speak and WHAT they want.

off-page SEO link building and outreach

Defining your messaging and positioning

I’ll go over your and your competitors’ current messaging and position on the market. I’ll talk to you and your customers/target customers to find out a direction that will make your brand stand out.

Ready to finally speak to your customers?

SEO consultancy services for SaaS startups

As a SaaS growth consultant, I’ll help you identify the correct target market and understyand their needs, pain points, and jobs to be done. We’ll then be able to refine your messaging and positioning based on these insights. No huge costs included.