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– You’re struggling with your GTM campaigns
– Current demand gen and growth efforts aren’t working
– You’re not sure which marketing channels will work for you
– You need an SME writer for your content
– You’re looking to better understand your customers and target customers
– You can’t seem to get your content to rank for your dream keywords
– You know a strategy will work for you but you’re hesitating to go for it
– You need to better understand your target market and find your differentiators
– You need a fun speaker for your podcast, webinar, event
– Your email workflows need an audit or you just haven’t set them up yet
– YouTube’s been on your mind lately
– You’d like to try out account-based marketing
– You’re eager to get a referral program up-and-running
– You want to hire someone in your marketing team but don’t know where to start
– You want to launch a LinkedIn strategy and/or grow your personal brand
– You’re looking to start a newsletter that stands out
– You just need some real good tips!

I’m a SaaS growth advisor and content strategist with a passion for product marketing wonders, growth marketing, conversion rate optimization, artificial intelligence, and keyword research (Hooray for SEO!). I strongly support permission marketing and earned media as a method for earning more MQLs.

I provide a people-first approach to marketing.

More than anything, I love working with online communities to find new, experimental ways to develop businesses through growth hacking.

Besides MarTech topics, I’m a subject matter expert for work productivity, project management, time tracking, employee engagement and mental health, remote work, and workplace issues.

Jobs and ProjectsπŸ’ͺ

Growth, DesignFiles

Content Consultant, Enzuzo

Digital Marketing Manager, Paymo

Growth Marketing Manager, Wynter

Content Consultant, Panther

Mentor, GrowthMentor

Member, Mentor, Women in Revenue

Member, RevGenius

Marketing Instructor, Skillshare

I’m here to design an appropriate end-to-end growth strategy for your brand so you’ll get the best possible results.

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