Why You Might Need a Fractional Content Manager

Fractional content marketing leaders are increasingly attractive to companies because they have the ability to offer their services on a per-project basis. They’ve been able to build up their own brand and personal following through social media and other platforms, which makes them an attractive prospect for companies.

In this article, I’ll go over why you might want to work with a fractional content marketer or advisor and how to choose the right person for the job.

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One More Look at Product-Market Fit and Standing Out

I often talk to founders that are still in the process of understanding their target buyers.

Most of them are confident in what their current ideal customer persona looks like.

This assumption often sets you up for failure.

That’s because we tend to have an ideal of what our target market looks like. But many other times it’s just because of a low budget or time constraints that halt your research process.

So if you’ve got a product that fixes all issues you’ve ever had, don’t assume others will feel the same way. Even when they have a seemingly similar profile to yours.

How about we looked again at your positioning and if you’re really resonating with the right buyers?

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Instagram Guides Best Practices – How to Turn Your Posts into Articles Worth Sharing

Oh, Instagram guides. 

One more content opportunity to showcase your knowledge in the field and highlight your community. This time, free of all the SEO pressure. So you can write as naturally as possible and finally focus on educating without other restrictions.

From now on, you’ll want to consider how your Instagram posts will look like as you add them to a guide as well. Solid branding and similar topics are now key to reusing content within Instagram. 

So if you’re already repurposing your articles or lists and turning them into social media posts, I’ve got good news. It’s that much easier and logical to create Instagram guides.

Whether you’re already running a successful blog or currently rely on your social channels alone, I’ll show you exactly how you can turn your Instagram guides into articles and resource lists people will want to share.

Create a series

If you already have a solid social media strategy in place, you might stick to some themes or series of posts. For example, Monday could be “Tip Day” while Tuesday is used for a product feature and weekend days are dedicated to showcasing customer stories. If you’ve been posting Monday tips on the same or similar topic, you can easily turn that into a guide.

The Parents Instagram account is doing that by referencing their posts on distinct topics like anti-bullying, back-to-school, or thriving as a family:

parents instagram guides

With this in mind, you’ll want to have multiple of your next Instagram posts around the same idea. Use Friday to share 6 new fashion trends, tips on coping with loneliness, or just a couple of productivity hacks. Then add them all up to put together your unitary guide.

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How Often Should You Blog? – Blog Post Frequency Recommendation

I’ll just start by letting you know this is going to be a rather long post [and lots of images!] compared to its on-point findings.

I will take you through multiple blogs from all kinds of industries so we can identify primary trends and preferences when it comes to how often we publish articles on our company blogs.

Spoiler alert: There’s no common rule that says companies from the same industry need to opt for the same post frequency.

I’ve chosen my own approach to analyze hundreds of blogs that are actively publishing content in order for us to get a realistic look at what a successful content schedule should look like.

The short version on how often you should blog

Yes, I know you don’t have time to read it all. So if you just want the key ideas of this post, here they are:

👉 Every company has a different content publishing pattern so relying on what your competitors are doing is not a solution. Find your own goals to define exactly what types of posts you’ll incorporate into your content strategy.

👉 Most brands have adopted a blogging schedule based on the resources they have. More in-house and freelance writers = more content.

👉 Companies who are not able to produce written content on a regular basis turn to filling their blog with other media such as podcasts and videos.

👉 Blogs and writers with evergreen content pieces that rank for several years regularly update their articles and even republish their posts to bring more attention.

👉 Blog post frequency remains one of the least important factors to take into account when crafting a long-term content strategy. Consistency, CTAs, quality of research, promotion, and freshness are just a couple of the elements to pay extra care to.

Read on to see exactly how often other blogs post and what kinds of content they prefer to focus on in their strategies. [Plus, a couple of my own secrets. 😉]

So how many blogs should you post every month?

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